About us

I still remember 18 years ago when I first started my fashion label I decided to name it after my daughter Kaninda who was 4 years old at the time. She was given her name from her Grandfather who named her after Kaninda Rockhole, Kaninda meaning beautiful place in Marthudunera language. It’s crazy to think that now after 18 years we’ve relaunched the Kaninda brand and as usual she is the inspiration behind the brand only this time we get to design and work together. She brings her youthful energy and style whilst I’m still capturing the beauty of the stunning Pilbara landscape through my art and textile design. 

Working together we’ve created a unique Pilbara lifestyle brand combining our Banjima and Yindjibarndi heritage. Perfect for any adventure you might take on in the Pilbara or anywhere you choose to explore, from camping, to swimming in secret waterholes, hiking or enjoying the modern comforts in town.

Something for every occasion not too flash but as we say “it’s good enough for the bush!”

Lilla Gagliano xo 

 Kaninda Park and Lilla GaglianoKaninda Park and Shaun ParkKaninda, Maitland and Preston ParkKaninda camping bushKaninda, Kaninda RockholeKaninda, Pilbara Camping Lilla and Kaninda, Pilbara fashion brand square pool, Millstream PilbaraKaninda And Aria Kaninda Rockhole, Ngardawirri Fresh water turtle Mum, Lilla and Kaninda